Cozy Up with MillerKnoll Lounge

Cozy Up with MillerKnoll Lounge

Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go... like that 'vintage' sofa in your living room that desperately needs a refresh. Let go of the past, and embrace the new with a comfy lounge piece from MillerKnoll.

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Knoll Pixel Lounge

In a world where work can take place anywhere, providing individuals and teams variety and choice is key. Pixel Lounge offers the ergonomic comfort and access to power that individuals need to do focused work in a more relaxed way and a welcoming collaboration spot for teams to get together.

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Geiger U-Series Lounge

A timeless design that’s still ahead of the curve.

Ward Bennett originally designed the U-Series Chair in 1979 for the NYC apartment of handbag designer Reva Ostrow. The universal forms of these barrel-shaped chairs proved a versatile complement to a range of tastes.

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Muuto Rest Sofa

Marrying elegance with the welcoming warmth of its wooden framework, the Rest Sofa combines the extensive comfort of a deep and roomy seat with the refined expression of its tailored details.

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Naughtone Pippin Chair

Compact yet solid and stable, Pippin provides upholstered comfort and cupped support that invites longer interactions. At the same time, it readily moves as and where it needs to: it’s set on wheels and it comes with a convenient strap handle that facilitates movement while adding a playful touch.

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Geiger Mantle Sofa

With functionality for the open plan in mind, BassamFellows designed Mantle Lounge Seating with an emphasis on form and craft. Simple and elegant detailing with a hint of edginess, there is no sacrifice of comfort and space with Mantle Sofas. Made to be flexible and progressive, Mantle components foster collaboration, comfort, and productivity.

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Herman Miller Wilkes Modular Sofa

A playful silhouette that appears to float. This postmodern design has been reintroduced in new fabrics and hues. Beautifully smooth contours give this piece a fluid, uniform appearance.

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Geiger Rapport Sofa

The traditional chesterfield takes a turn for the contemporary with the Rapport Sofa. Rapport is characterized by its boxy form, distinctively low seat, and surface pattern of precisely tufted squares. The design blends comfort and sophistication for public interiors or private residences.