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Building Spaces to Match Your Mission

Build the perfect interior space for what you need now - and whatever the future brings. Designed to respond to your needs for any interior, from healthcare to commercial space or governmental to educational environments. This is digital construction at its best.

All industries in our modern society rely on technology to work efficiently and to stay competitive. DIRTT has taken the otherwise outdated traditional construction method, and propelled a new architectural solution into the 21st century in its place.

Cost Certainty
Building spaces with DIRTT means modifications can be made, saving the cost of continuous remodeling. DIRTT removes the guesswork with the power of ICE software. It provides certainty on cost, schedule, and the final result. A limited 10-year warranty means spaces will look and perform as intended for years to come.

The Reading League, Syracuse, NY

Clean Construction
A dust free work zone makes DIRTT a clean and rapid solution for all settings. Effective design elements reduce touch points with wipeable surfaces and hospital grade finishes leaving minimal space for germs to hide.

Future Proof
Change is inevitable. A DIRTT interior is ready to respond to whatever the future brings. With continuous advancements in technology, DIRTT is made to accommodate a diverse range of upgrades with easy access wall and floor panels, making adaptability and flexibility effortless.

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