Herman Miller Performance System

Herman Miller Performance System

As a Herman Miller Certified Dealer, Sedgwick Business Interiors is constantly striving to improve on the performance of what we do and how we do it.

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The Lean Approach

In 1995, Herman Miller recognized that their production process was in need of restructuring for vast improvement and therefore partnered with Toyota Production System Support Center to create what is now called the Herman Miller Performance System (HMPS). Starting this lean focus in manufacturing meant a reduction in waste, improvement in quality and safety, and more efficient and accurate shipping.

This method has been such a success that it has prompted Herman Miller to extend their knowledge and practices to all of their certified dealers. By taking this same lean approach and applying it to our own practices, it meant more effective receiving procedures and a reduction in installation time.

At Sedgwick, this system allowed for those closest to the problematic areas to identify and find solutions with the guidance of HMPS. As part of the Herman Miller Certified Dealer Network, all dealers share and collaborate their solutions together for a better, more connected method to problem solving.

As we continue to participate in HMPS through our own methods, this innovative system translates to even more successful installations and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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