VS America Transforming Learning Spaces

COVID-19 relief funds, invested in the right classroom furniture, will instantly allow schools to easily reconfigure spaces for current health concerns.

Let's create learning spaces that embody dynamic flexibility, healthy ergonomics, and compassion.


VS America: Giving Students Choice

A small percentage of your COVID-19 relief funds, invested in the right classroom furniture, will instantly allow you to easily reconfigure your spaces for current health concerns. Your classrooms will be safe, effective, and easier to clean through this or future health crises – and will better serve students and staff long into the future.

Using Covid-19 Relief Funds for Agile Furniture

VS America’s agile furniture can be used to create various spaces and zones in the room, allowing for social integration, quality interactions, and movement. In the case of student learning loss, agile classrooms create spaces for quality interactions to address prior knowledge gains and gaps, while allowing for prosocial peer relationships to foster academic dialogue. Regarding distance learning engagement, agile environments give teachers the needed space to deliver private, actionable feedback to support students in self-selecting learning targets, self-monitoring progress, and self-assessment.

Agile = future-proof

Explore a few of the many agile options offered by VS America


Hokki - Iconic Wobble Stool

Made from stable, durable and extremely scratch-resistant polypropylene, fully recyclable. Offers freedom of movement thanks to curved surfaces that stimulate the entire musculo-skeletal system. Easy to carry thanks to the ergonomically shaped scalloped edge that is easy to grip. The stools can be stacked together to save space. Height-adjustable models with one-hand activated all-round adjustment mechanism.


SHIFT+ FUSIONFLIP - Freeform table with folding top

Designed with a centrally positioned tubular steel cross-piece with an articulated bracket. The table can be folded using a two-handed safety mechanism under the tabletop. It has a fitting to secure the table in both the horizontal and vertical positions.

Traditional school furnishings quickly reach their limits when it concerns differentiation – Shift+ is free from such limitations and opens endless possibilities


Stakki - The iconic chair that fits everywhere (else)

Under 9 pounds, Stakki is easy to move, stacks up to 10 high, and its triangular form allows for space-efficient storage.

Stakki's concave legs and stepped glides enable the chairs to nest in place securely. This design feature also protects Stakki's seat surface when stacked.


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