The Womb Chair at 75 Years

Revolutionary in 1948 and resonant today in homes, workplaces, and the cultural zeitgeist, the Womb Chair persists as a ubiquitous beacon of comfort and icon of modern design.

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The need for unbound comfort

Designed for Florence Knoll by Eero Saarinen, the Womb Chair defied conventions of what a chair could be - from the feminist instinct that sparked its inception to the materials and construction that shaped its organic form.

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Made by hand for 75 Years

From molding and shaping the shell to stitching perfectly tailored seams, a team of highly skilled artisans have mastered a methodical approach to make every Womb Chair.

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An icon overnight

The Womb Chair saw instant popularity upon its release and quickly ascended to cultural icon status. The chair's immediately recognizable form, and the ideas behind its initial design intent - to answer our primal need for unbound comfort - continue to resonate across generations.