Framery Smart Pods

Not just smart pods –a smart choice

Framery's new smart pods feature innovative technology packed into comfortable, spacious, and soundproof spaces that improve the experience of the entire office.

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Welcome to a new era of the workplace – with Framery smart pods

Framery's new innovation-packed smart pods leave traditional office meeting rooms and previous soundproof pods far behind. With greater user benefits and improved sustainability – while being cost-effective than the models they replace.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Fine-tuned soundproofing with a patent-pending acoustic structure that provides A-class speech reduction

  • Optimized lighting modes custom-tailored for video calls and focused work

  • Adaptive and adjustable ventilation that lets you choose between direct or indirect airflow

  • Advanced LED lighting that mimics natural daylight

  • mmWave radar detection sensors that automatically adjust lighting and ventilation

  • Embedded Framery Office Sound Masking System™ that reduces speech intelligibility and noise distractions outside of the pods

  • Enhanced booking capabilities that work with Microsoft or Google calendars

  • A high-resolution touchscreen allows users to tailor pod settings further still and extend calendar reservations.

  • Occupancy lights that show whether a pod is free, booked, or about to become available

  • Usage detection and data delivery through Framery Connect

  • A new modular, more durable design that enables an extended lifecycle

  • 100% recyclability at the end of the pod’s lifecycle

Despite all of these advancements, the new Framery Smart Pods cost less than earlier generations of pods.