Kicking off Back-to-School with VS America

On July 20th & 21st, Sedgwick Business Interiors hosted a showcase at both our Rochester and Syracuse locations for VS America. We invited A+D partners around the area to come in and experience the education-based agile furniture offered by VS America.

Vs event 01

Educational spaces have had to adapt and evolve in the recent years in order to protect students during a worldwide pandemic. VS America’s solution to this shift? Agile spaces. Agility means that classrooms can be configured optimally for physical distancing as well as the material being taught. It also means that whatever new challenges the future brings, learning spaces can be easily configured to meet them, making them effectively future-proof.

We are so excited to partner with VS America and bring the students of upstate New York innovative learning environments! Interested in agile furniture for your classrooms? Contact us today.

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